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Free GMAT Quant & Verbal Practice Questions and Answers

Free Math & Verbal Questionbank, algebra, arithmetic, geometry GMAT sample Questions and answers in your inbox is a free service offered by 4GMAT.COM to assist students appearing for GMAT keep a progress check on their GMAT preparation. It helps you to stay sharp. Registered users receive a question by e-mail, free of cost. Detailed explanatory answers and shortcut tips wherever applicable are also provided alongwith the correct answers to each question. Questions are selected from a wide array of topics that typically appear in the GMAT test.

Questions in problem solving and data sufficiency are posted at regular intervals.

A list of all questions that were published as part of this service is provided below. You can browse through the questions on a topic wise basis.

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GMAT Quant - Topicwise Listing of Sample Questions and Answers

1. Algebra
Includes linear equations and word problems that would require framing linear equations to get the solution.

2. Series: Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences
AP, GP, infinite geometric progressions, summation of series.

3. Descriptive Statistics
Problems on simple averages (Arithmetic Mean), Weighted Arithmetic Mean (weighted averages), Median, Mode, Range, Standard Deviation and mixtures and alligations

4. Inequalities
Inequalities is considered to be one of the hard topics in the problem solving section. Questions involving algebraic expression, modulus, exponents in inequalities are covered.

5. Geometry
Triangles, similar triangles, right triangles, equilateral triangles, lines, parallel lines, angles, quadrilaterals, circles.

6. Mensuration - Solid Geometry
Area, volume, surface area, of 3d objects such as cuboids, cubes, spheres, hemispheres, cones, cylinders, pyramids and prisms.

7. Coordinate Geometry
Slopes, intercepts, quadrants, distance between points, midpoint theorem, coordinates of Centroid, incenter. Finding area of a triangle given coordinates of its vertices.

8. Number Properties, Theory & Number Systems
LCM, HCF, remainders, factorials, unit digits of numbers, word problems.

9. Percentages
Percentages to fraction or decimal conversion and the reverse. Problems using the concept of percentages.

10. Counting Methods (Permutation, Combination) and Discrete Probability
Permutation, combination, sampling with replacement, ordering, re-arrangement of letters of a word, seating arrangements.

11. Profits
Profit, loss, expressed as a percentage of cost price, discounts, marked price.

12. Quadratic Equations
Nature of roots, real roots, imaginary roots, equal roots, solution to quadratic equations, word problems that require framing quadratic equutions to get the solution.

13. Ratio, Proportion and Variance
Standard problems that involve ratios and proportion, continued proportions, direct and inverse variations.

14. Sets (Set Theory)
Union, intersection of sets, disjoint sets, mutually exclusive sets.

15. Simple and Compound Interest
Simple interest, compound interest, compounding periods other than on an annual basis.

16. Rates : Speed, Time and Distance
Average speed, relative speed, train problems, boats in streams, races.

17. Rates : Work - Time and Pipes - Cisterns
Amount of work done by a man or woman, time taken by pipes to fill a cistern.

18. Data Sufficiency
About a third of the questions in the GMAT quant section are data sufficiency questions.

GMAT Verbal - Sample Questions and Answers

1. Sentence Correction
About a third of the questions in the GMAT verbal section are Sentence Correction questions. Typical errors tested in the GMAT SC section include Subject-Verbal agreement, Pronouns, Tense, Modifiers, Parallel Constructs, Comparisons, and Word Usage. A set of sample questions with explanatory answers for you to practice.


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